Breakout Session 1


Dealing with Difficult Old Testament Texts

Paul Copan

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The Human Imagination, Creativity, and Apologetics

Rebecca Brewster Stevenson

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Doubt Triggers: Discovering and Overcoming our Hesitations to God

Jeff Robinson

Breakout Session 2

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The Argument from Beauty to God

Paul Gould

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Thinking Christianly: Seeing Jesus as our Intellectual Exemplar

Travis Dickinson

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Why Trust the Bible?

Matthew Mittelberg

Breakout Session 3

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Techno-Existentialism: AI, Neuroscience, and the Meaning of Life

Brandon Rickabaugh

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How the Christian Worldview has Led to the Greatest Human Flourishing

Rob Pacienza

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Creation, the Big Bang, and Genesis 1

Erica Carlson