Certificate in Cultural Apologetics

Palm Beach Atlantic University offers a six-class Certificate in Cultural ApologeticsTaught by leading Christian philosophers who work at the intersection of philosophy, culture, and the gospel, this program will teach you how to show the brilliance and beauty of Jesus to those in a disenchanted world.

All the classes are offered online, over eight weeks, in the fall, spring, and summer semesters. To complete the six-class certificate in cultural apologetics, you will take the following classes:

  • Evangelism and Apologetics
  • Cultural Apologetics
  • Evil, Suffering, and Doubt
  • Faith and Science
  • Culture, Technology, and the Future of Humanity
  • Philosophy of Religion

Each 3-hour class costs $1,155 to complete. However, we are offering a special Paul Copan Scholarship that would cover 93% of the program costs (a total value of $6,408 over the course of the entire certificate degree). If you are awarded the Paul Copan Scholarship, each individual class will cost $87 plus the cost of books.

To apply for the Paul Copan Scholarship, click here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Each class will be taught by the associate director of the Cultural Apologetics Certificate program, Tyler Bauer, and will feature 15-20 pre-recorded lectures by PBA philosophy of religion faculty. The PBA Philosophy of Religion faculty that you’ll learn from are Paul Gould, Paul Copan, and Brandon Rickabaugh.

Yes! There are a limited number of scholarships available to PBA undergraduate students. You must declare the apologetics minor as part of your degree plan and complete the six classes. (You can do spiritual formation in lieu of Cultural, Technology, and the Future of Humanity. See the PBA course catalogue for details on the apologetics minor).

Yes, you will enroll in PBA as a non-degree seeking student. To enroll, click the link here.

Yes! In addition to learning how to show the truth, goodness, and beauty of Christianity to others, you’ll also qualify for advanced standing, upon completion of the certificate, in PBA’s M. A. in Philosophy of Religion Program. Advanced standing means that you will receive six graduate credit hours that you can apply toward the 36-hour degree. You must earn a 3.0 or above on your cultural apologetics certificate in order to qualify for advanced standing in the MAPR program.

Please email at apologetics@pba.edu for questions about the Cultural Apologetics Certificate Program. Please email scholarship@gatewaychurch.net for questions about the scholarship.

Have a question? Email us at apologetics@pba.edu